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My name is Charlene Morris and I am a Licensed Insurance Broker. I have been visiting homes and helping people navigate the field of Medicare and Medicaid options since 2006. I always explain details thoroughly and I work hard to effectively and professionally address consumers’ concerns. I am proud of my exceptional interpersonal skills and my ability to quickly handle challenges.

Insurance Plans

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Medicare Advantage

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Dental and Vision

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Prescription Drug

We have been working with Charlene for a number of years. When we began I was reluctant to change insurance carriers, but she was persistent [...] We continue to receive requests from other insurance carriers but find her company and service to be the best [...] If she wants to give my name to anyone who wants super service, please tell them to call me.


Our Promise

We promise to do our best to make sure you won’t stress over finding affordable health insurance while on Medicare.

Our Mission

We are committed to working with you to find the insurance plan that fits your needs, and we’ll do it at no cost to you.

Your Journey

We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your health insurance coverage.

My late husband was referred to Charlene by a friend and after meeting with her we went with [her] and have been so thankful. Charlene’s guidance directing us to the best policy for our needs has been invaluable. Since my husband passed away, Charlene has been there for me for the past eleven years. I will get a phone call just to ask me how I’m doing. So thoughtful! I feel truly blessed to have Charlene not only as my agent but as my friend.


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